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cove's body contouring

Our market leading machine is the ultimate treatment for body contouring, It helps to reduce cellulite and tightens the skin. Using ultrasound cavitation and sonophoresis this works with the current, compromising the content of the fat cells which are composed of triglycerides. The electric current will break up and disperse fat cells, leading the waste and toxins towards the lymphatic system, for the body to speed up its natural metabolic system. Your measurements will be taken before and after your treatments.


We can treat:

  • Cellulite

  • Hard stubborn areas of fat

  • Eliminate stubborn fat pockets

  • Sculpt and shape

  • Tighten and tone loose skin

  • Improves skin firmness

  • Invigorate circulation and lymphatic flow

  • Post pregnancy skin tightening

Ultrasound cavitation is an advanced scientific method of reducing fat and cellulite and contouring of problem areas, without the need for invasive or expensive surgery.

*Please note all clients body and metabolism vary, this will effect your results

Some patients may experience redness in the treatment area which should subside after 4 hours. 



Thighs (front or back): $139

Thighs both: $278

Upper Arms: $99

Back: $169

Abdomen: $149

Buttocks: $149

Hips: $139