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cove's bridal recommendation's

As your big day is approaching and you have prepared everything else, it is now time to prepare your skin! Each treatment plan is tailored to the clients individual concerns. Here are our suggestion's for brides who want to increase skin health, tone and texture, luminosity and glow for their special day.


12 months out.

We suggest you start with a complimentary skin consultation to give us some in depth information about your skin and your goals. This will allow us to prescribe suitable skin care and discuss an achievable skin plan.

At this point we have a good time frame to work within.

This is usually when we could start performing IPL sessions, working with vascular or pigmentation concerns, once we have cleared those, we have a blank surface to work with.

6 months out.

This is the perfect time to try skin needling, and IPL rejuvenation to encourage skin tightening and firming, working to increase collagen and elastic production resulting in plump and tight skin for the big day.

4 months out.

Now we have done some skin revision, we want to work more superficially. Facials from our Active & Medi-Facial

range will be beneficial and a be-spoke treatment to suit individual skin types which will be decided upon consultation

2 months out.

Chemical Peel's with LED Light Therapy, the peels will be decided upon consultation and I usually recommend starting with the Blueberry Smoothie Peel. Peels can be performed up to every 14 days.

1 month out.

It is time to stay away from anything with downtime and focus on the skins luminosity! Hydrodermabrasion's and Antioxidant Glow Medi- Facials to increase that hydration and glow!


1 week out.

Dermaplaning in the final week before the wedding will remove all 'peach fuzz' and upper epidermal cells giving a gentle exfoliation and allowing your makeup to go on flawless and smoothly with no infection or redness that waxing may leave!

*Remember to enjoy the build up to your wedding day and try to avoid stress!

If you break out due to stress just before the wedding we can change your treatment to quickly remove, heal and repair your skin to its healthy state.


DELUXE BRIDE: 7-9 months of treatments

1 IPL Session

1 Skin Needle

2 Peels with LED Light Therapy

2 Hydrodermabrasion

2 Energy C Medi Facials

1 Dermaplaning with LED


BRIDAL GLOW: 6 months of treatments

2 Hydraderm with LED

2 Chemical Peels with LED Light Therapy

1 Energy C Medi Facial

1 Dermaplaning with LED


LAST MINUTE: 3-4 months of treatments

1 Medi- Facial

2 Chemical Peels with LED Light Therapy

1 Hydrodermabrasion

1 Dermaplaning


* Would you like us to customize a bridal package for you with treatments that are be-spoke to your skin? Email us below.