Clinical Facials

Clinical Facial

Skin Treatments 

At Cove, we use and utilise the most advanced, cutting edge technologies, techniques, products and equipment. We are constantly aiming to bring in the best, most effective modalities and design our treatments to push the boundaries to ensure you receive the best! We pride ourselves on customising everything to suit the skin each treatment making your visit, as personalised and results driven as possible. We believe no two skins are the same and that treatments need to be amplified to have physical response in results that you will be infatuated with.  

*If you are unsure what treatment you think you will be most suited for you, you can book online for our ‘Consultation and Treatment’ this will provide enough time to review and treat accordingly  



A consultation is essential before initial treatment. We cover multiple aspects of your lifestyle, diet, skin care regime and history so that we can have a better understanding of your skin, internal health and what you wish to achieve with your treatments. A treatment plan will be created and discussed in how we are going to achieve your skin goals in clinic and with a home care prescription  

Consultation is $50 and redeemable on treatment or product within 7 days. 


​Customised Facial $149 

Make it a Mini Facial $79 

A bespoke treatment, individualised for general skin concerns and suitable for a skin that requires a deep clean and mild exfoliation. With no down time this gentle yet effective treatment is a perfect introduction into cosmeceutical skin care and active treatments. An ideal ‘freshen up’ treatment to leave the skin feeling fresh and healthy 



Hydraderm Facial $149 

Providing deep cleaning, exfoliation, extracting and hydration this treatment is suitable for most skin types. With one of a kind vortex fusion technology, this treatment also infuses a personalized cocktail into the lower layers helping to refine and protect. Suitable for clients with blackheads and open pores, uneven tone and texture, dehydration and congestion with sluggish skin.  


Ultimate Hydraderm Facial $229 

Additional benefits and enhancements, this upgrade from the standard Hydraderm facial utilizes Omnilux LED for optimal skin health and integrity and a customised hydro-jelly or peptide mask 



Dermaplaning $149 

Added onto other treatments $49 

Also known as Epiblading, this treatment is a safe, non-invasive way to remove dead cell build up providing gentle exfoliation and most commonly used to remove ‘peach fuzz’ hair. Improving skin texture, lightening uneven tone and allowing better product penetration. Suitable for most skin types and perfect in preparation for an event as makeup sits flawlessly.  



Oxygen Therapy $199 

Added onto other treatments $79 

​A powerful treatment improving multiple concerns, making this suitable for all skins. Significant increase in circulation and cell communication, this treatment penetrates below the superficial layer and flush’s capillaries’ getting rid of free radical damage that causes a fatigued, dull appearance while strengthening capillary walls to reduce redness, breakouts, rosacea and toxins which cause premature ageing, loss in laxity and exhausted skin. 

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