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Advanced Skin Therapy

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At Cove Medispa your skin will be thourally analysed to ensure the treatment you are proceeding with is most accurate and suitable for your skin.

In depth consultation will be done before proceeding with any Advanced Skin Therapy treatments with either our trained and experienced Dermal Therapists or Cosmetic Nurse.

With cutting- edge technologies and customisable techniques we have something to offer all skin types and skin concerns.


Remove, Rebuild, Restore- Maintain!

This Age Defy treatment is incredibly effective to restore the growth of healthy- functioning cells, the high-potency 40% Retinol AGP peel gives an overall more corrective approach to peeling. Vitamin A works much deeper within the skin, therefore being able to address such concerns like Melasma, hyperpigmentation and even deeper lines which form in the dermis. Unlike other treatments- once we have removed and repaired dysfunctions in the skin superficially and deeper within the skin - we follow this treatment by restoring and maintaining the skins now healthier function. 

* Skin needs to be prepped with Vit A before

​Performed in 60 minutes. Price $239

Aqua Infusion

Aqua Infusion is the only dermal device that can safely infuse a tailored solution into the dermis safely, providing an effective treatment with minimal downtime and no discomfort. This devise is cutting edge technology with fine gold plated micro pins designed to painlessly and effectively deliver bio active compounds into the dermis. Dubbed in the U.S the 'filter fresh skin'. Our dermal therapist tailor a solution suited to your skin care concerns suiting aged, pigmentation, loss in hair growth, pore reduction, skin tone and texture, scarring, acne, and tightening with preventative age concerns

Price $399 full face, neck, decolletage and optional hands. Including bespoke solution

Skin Needling

Skin needling uses medical grade micro needles that work to create micro channels in the skin. By creating controlled injuries to the skin which trigger's the skins to naturally heal and repair while increasing collagen and elastin production by 400% per treatment. From approx 23 years of age our collagen levels deplete 2% annual resulting in slower cell turnover and less laxity in the skin, this treatment the ultimate rejuvenation treatment by encouraging the collagen production to reproduce enhancing a youthful appearance. Each treatment includes a recovery mask with LED Light therapy

Performed in approx 60 minutes. Each treatment includes use of topical anesthetic and recovery mask 

Price $299 for full face, neck and optional decolletage

Add on Omnilux LED for $69

Corrective Peels

Corrective peels are an advanced line of new skin peels, formulated with clinical grade ingredients and optimum skin rejuvenation resulting in smoother, healthier skin with diminished impurities. Performed on skin concerns such as pigmentation, age factors, congestion/ acne, dehydration, blemishes and uneven skin tone and superficial scarring. 

Performed in 30 minutes. Ranging from $115- $229

Add on Omnilux LED for $69

Omnilux LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that repairs, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. Our Omnilux LED light system is the gold standard in light therapy and can be used alone for impressive results or incorporated into other aesthetic treatments, such as peels or facials to enhance outcomes and accelerate healing.

  • Omnilux Revive™- stimulates cellular activity. Blood flow increases, leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Skin appears clearer with less fine lines, is plumped up and hydrated. The effect of active skincare products can be greatly enhanced.

  • Omnilux Plus™ Stimulates the deeper skin tissue leading to a softening of fine lines, improved skin tone and super smooth complexion.

​Common conditions that LED Omnilux Light Therapy improve:

  • Anti-ageing - Fine lines and wrinkles/ Deeper lines and folds / Skin laxity and loss of density

  • Photo and environmental damage

  • Age spots and hyperpigmentation / Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Dehydrated and dry skin / Loss of radiance

  • Dark under eye circles and puffiness

  • Poor circulation

  • Acne and blemish prone skin

  • Hormonal breakouts

  • Open and enlarged pores

  • Cold sores

  • Folliculitis

  • Redness and Rosacea

  • Eczema / psoriasis and Dermatitis

  • Vitiligo

  • Hyper sensitive skin

  • Post treatment inflammation and swelling

Price for a LED Light Facial $199 approx 60 minutes 

Price for LED only $120 approx 25 minutes

Price to add on LED to any other aesthetic treatment $69

UltraLUX RadioFrequency

Combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and pulsed electro magnetic fields which produces a uniformed heat under the skins surface. The RF causes a thermal reaction within the connective tissue which will stimulate the wound healing responce and bring forth collagen and peptide production resulting in more youthful, tight complexion

Price $299 for full face,

Price $299 neck & decolletage 

Add on Omnilux LED for $69

Treatment Cycle:
Most patients receive 6-8 treatments per area. The exact number will depend on each individual person and the area being treated. Treatments are done once a week.Treatment Cycle:
Most patients receive 6-8 treatments per area. The exact number will depend on each individual person and the area being treated. Treatments can be done once a week.

Photo- Rejuvenation

Treat discoloration, vascularity, loss in skin laxity and and other signs of premature aging without surgery or downtime. Intense pulsed light is used selectively to target pigmented and vascular lesions resulting in a noticeably clearer, brighter skin with a more even complexion. It also enhances collagen production to reduce skin laxity, erases fine lines and fades the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Reduce fine lines

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Reduce sun damage, freckles and brown spots

  • Shrink visible veins

  • Correct discolouration

Price $199 for full face,

Price $99 for  hands

Price $179 Neck & decollatage 

Add on Omnilux LED for $69

Treatment Cycle:
Most patients receive 4-6 treatments, with each session lasting approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
The exact number of sessions you’ll need always depends on the individual and the area being treated.
Sessions are usually performed 4-6 weeks apart.