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LED Light Therapy

Led (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy will help the skin produce collagen, cell life vitality and health as well as to repair and heal the skin, leaving your skin glowing, healthy and refined.

Different colored lights work on different wavelengths, penetrating through different levels into the skin. Our LED light has multiple colours and functions. During your consult with your therapist your conditions and concerns will be discussed and the most suitable wavelength to suit you will be provided. LED is the perfect addition to treatments to compliment results or just as a stand alone treatment.

LED used in conjunction with body treatments can have amazing results. These include a course of treatments for scarring, cellulite, detoxifying, increasing lymphatic flow for breakdown of toxins, increasing the metabolism, acne treatments and hair growth encouragement

430nm wavelength (blue light)

  • treatment of acne removal

  • kills present bacteria

  • improves a sensitive skin

  • adjusts sebum secretion

550nm wavelength (green light)

  • anti-aging

  • increase cellular reproduction and oxygen

630nm wavelength (red light)

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Active acne

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Increased collagen and elastin production

  • Hair stimulation

  • Promotes product penetration for scarring & cellulite

Led light therapy is best used in conjunction with other facial or body treatments and is a comfortable and relaxing treatment with no down time. We will protect and cover the eyes throughout your treatment. You can have as many as two LED treatments a week and have no side effects or downtime.


Added onto any other facial treatment is $39