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Hair Growth System

Our hair growth system Mesoderm, infuses and encourages new hair and growth to areas wanting increased hair development. There are multiple ways the treatment can be performed.

Mesotherapy advanced hair growth serum is used with micro needling and ultra sonic vibrations.

Our hair loss treatment is the single best and most effective hair growth technique available with no hormonal after effects. Our premium hair growth serum is delivered to the lower layers of the skin, increasing blood flow and stimulation to the area, encouraging hair to thicken and re-grow, by using a cocktail of proteins, vitamins and another nutrient’s.

*We recommend one treatment every three months.

*A course 3-5 treatments will provide the optimum effect as well as home-care shampoo and at home ampules being used in-between treatments.

Your treatment will take approximately 60 minutes. The serum will be injected onto the skin to then be worked in.



*Add on LED Light therapy $39