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cove's signature hydraderm facial


Our Hydraderm Facial provides outstanding results to all skin types and for all skin conditions. 

Providing deep cleaning, exfoliation, extracting and hydration this treatment is suitable for all skin types. With one of a kind facial rejuvenation this treatment also infuses a personalised cocktail of peptides, antioxidants and vitamins. This treatment is the ultimate facial for skin health and maintenance

Starting with a deep cleanse with AHA's to remove dirt and oils & an enzyme peel to exfoliate and remove upper epidermal dead cell matter which can prevent hydration penetration and allow bacteria and congestion buildup as well as highlight fine lines and wrinkles. The Hydraderm machine consist's of two components, the first is suction bringing up blood flow to remove toxins and waste while draining lymph to increase circulation and bring up collagen and elastin to help plump and firm, the second is infusing personalised peptides, antioxidants and vitamins while flushing it through the skin removing all dirt from not only the surface but under the skin and allowing maximum penetration of active ingredients. Followed by a warm oil massage to further drain waste and allow relaxation and increased circulation. A personalised mask to suit your skin type and skin concerns is applied, finishing with aftercare products to provide the ultimate treatment.

The Hydraderm Facial results in your skin with:

- Reduction of congestion

- Refined blackheads

- Improved tone & texture

- Even complexion

- Increased hydration

- Increased skin 'glow' from infusion of active peptides, antioxidants and vitamins

- Improved fine lines and wrinkles


Hydraderm Facial $149 

*Add in LED Light Therapy $39