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Skin Needling- What you need to know!

Skin Needling/ Micro Needling/ Collagen Induction Therapy- yes, these are all the same!

Skin Needling involves a process of working tiny micro needles over the skin, in a controlled environment of course- meaning there are no germs or bacteria present and we work to the correct depth to treat your concern! The goal is to create tiny micro channels directly into the epidermis to stimulate the body's own wound healing response.

This is a complex process in which the connective tissue below the skin repairs before it does topically. When this occurs it is treating all dysfunctions in the skin at lower layers like pigmentation, scarring, deeper lines and wrinkles. Once the lower epidermal layers have repaired the would healing process focus's directly on the superficial layers of the skin focusing on concerns such as superficial scarring, lack luster skin, open pores, uneven tone and texture and premature ageing with fine lines, creeping and skin elasticity decreasing.

Therefore, skin needling is a whole rounded skin rejuvenation treatment addressing the majority of skin concerns. Making skin needling ideal for the following concerns:

- Premature Ageing

- Pigmentation

- Acne Scarring

- Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation

- Lines & Wrinkles

- Collagen & Elastin Production (a casual 400% increased each treatment)

- Refines Pores

- Improves Skin Tone & Texture

- Lifts, Plumps & Tightens

- Improves Product Penetration & Absorption

Can I have needling?

Yes! Skin needling is suitable for 90% of the population, we do recommend being on an active skin care regime and having at least 2-3 in clinic treatments BEFORE your first needling session, just so that your skin is prepared, healthy and able to tolerate a invasive treatment, it was also minimize any possible downtime.

What is the expected down time?

Everyone is so different, if you have a sore on your arm do you heal in 1-3 days, or more 5-7?We always like to give a realistic expectation and advise you do not have your first session before a special event or allow at least 7 days before, your skin may be red and feel like a mild sunburn, you may experience dryness and flaking as any dead cell matter sheds and have slight inflammation (usually more so if there is more of an underlying dysfunction as the connective tissue apply's itself it can respond in an inflammatory response) all of which can last for up to 72 hours, if your skin is well prepped- after your treatment your skin may have returned to its 'normal' already!

Post Treatment

After either your first or 15th session, we always advise the same things, avoid direct sunlight, direct heat so no gym sessions, no saunas or spas, that day you want to prevent SPF and leave your skin once we have loaded on alllll the serums and repairing products, and just wash your skin that evening avoiding any AHA's / BHA's, exfoliants, Vitamin A/C and focus purely on hydration and repair of the skin, the following day be sure to apply your SPF as per normal in the morning. A little tip- make sure you've got a fresh pillow case and towel post treatment so avoid bacteria working its way onto your face, and no touching!!

If you have any other questions that we may have not addressed please email us at info@covemedispa.com.au