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Sun Protection

Australia's most prone environmental effect, sun damage!

Pigment and discoloration occurs when exposed to UV or sun damage, our melanocystes are stimulated and cause melanin production which gives our skin that discoloration, this is a natural response in which our melanocytes are trying to protect our skin by causing a barrier between the sun and the cellular health.

There are different types of pigment from Ephelides (freckles) to Solar Lentigos also knows as sun spots or liver spots and of course, the infamous Melasma!

Melasma/ Cloasma is a hormone induced pigment, all of which can be stimulated by UV, sun exposure, heat stimulation, stress, medication and hormone inbalence.

We come across a lot of skin concerns regarding pigmentation and “photo ageing” which is premature ageing caused by sun damage and UV effects.

Characteristics of photo ageing include fine lines, impaired barriers, course textures, dehydration and of course pigmentation.

Continual sun exposure causes dysfunction in the underlying layers of the skin and cell health and function, aiding in risk of skin cancers, premature ageing and loss in skin laxity. Just to name a few..

Using sun protection daily and in regular intervals is essential for blocking harmful UV rays to protect and prevent any sun damage.

Do you know SPF is also dubbed the best anti-age product you can be using for your skin!

So what SPF?!

Being able to offer a sun protection for all skin types even those who dont love the traditional sun protection feeling it may block their skin, or leave an oily residue, Mesoprotech SPF 50+ range has something for all different skin types and concerns.

Mesoprotech are an innovative range of SPF products offering the most advanced and complete sunscreen technology. Proving protection against harmful UVA & UVB radiation, Infared radiation, and visible light (HEV). The formulas combine safety with effective antioxidant and anti age properties making them an active treatment as well as a safe SPF.

Melan 130: Our most loved sun protection, having a medium coverage tint with colour adjusting molecules to adapt to your skin tone making it your perfect colour year round. With a light weight and breathable consistency on the skin, this tint is perfect for those who dont want to wear makeup but have their SPF protection and have a little colour to even out skin tone and texture.

Light Water Antiaging Veil: Normal and combination skins. Ultra-light consistency. This product contains low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to enhance and maintain natural skin hydration and tissue elasticity and firmness. Providing a hydrating and protecting film on the skin barrier to provide slow release hydration throughout the day.

Nourishing Antiaging Oil: A dry oil formula. High in antioxidants and firming properties making this SPF fantastic for a mature or dehydrated skin offering additional hydration and antiage properties aside from SPF

Contains chia seed oil, with antioxidant and firming properties. Its geloil texture melts into the skin and provides an intense sensation of comfort and a satin finish with no oily residue. Perfect for something with a more dry/dehydrated barrier.

Mineral Matt Antiaging Fluid: Suitable for sensitive, combination and oily skins. Light weight in consistency, based on the ability to block out all environmental factors that aggravates a sensitive and damaged skin. Its texture provides a powdered finish on the skin and absorbs excess oiliness and shine - making it suitable for greasy and acne-prone skins. Non-comedogenic and provides the sun protection without causing or contributing to congestion and breakouts.

Repair Stick: Suitable for sensitive areas. A stick application for eye contour and lip protection, great for those delicate areas that always get burnt like our foreheads and tips of the nose. Easy to spread and lightweight in consistency. I love to put this on the back of my hands to provide sun protection while driving!