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Why you need to try LED Light Therapy

Coming into the New Year seems like the right time to start focusing on a little self care time, feeling a little more confident in your own skin and having that New Year, Glow Up!

There are so many different LED machines in the aesthetic industry, my advice, is to do your research. Omnilux LED is the gold standard in medical technology used by doctors, surgeons, nurses and dermal therapists. It is the strongest LED machine, that gives you more bang for your buck and faster skin care results! Yes please.

How does it work?

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) delivers controlled and safe light targeting deeper layers of the skin and recharging cellular activity, there are different light colours for treating different concerns making LED effective for almost all skins!

Omnilux Revive (red light):

The famous 'red light' penetrating 633nm approx 2mm deep in the skin to the dermal layer where fibroblasts live and the area around then (think ultimate collagen & elastin production site) . While slightly overwhelming by the brightness of the light, this is the key in skin rejuvenation and anti-age.

Cellular activity increases inside the cell encouraging cell ATP (energy for the cell) to function to be in its healthiest state and repair weak cells. Our skin has its own Hyaluronic Acid (key in hydration). The Revive repairs and increases cellular function, this includes our natural 'hydration station' increasing hydrating internally to increase hydration and prevent water loss.

Increasing blood flow, increase oxygen and detoxifying, the skin will appear firmer, tighter with fewer lines, more hydrated and the LED also increases the effects of your treatment while minimizing down time. This is easily a favourite!

*Multiple sessions of alternating Omnilux Plus & Omnilux Revive. Decreased photo ageing (UV damage & ageing), peridermal wrinkles, tone, texture and hydration levels in the skin.

Omnilux Plus (near infrared)

Either used alone, or in combination with the Revive, the Omnilux Plus is suitable for most people. Penetrating 830nm into the skin, approx 5mm is as deep as any form of equipment can penetrate into those lower layers of the skin. This level in the hypo dermis lies all dysfunctions in the skin such as excess, rosacea, psoriasis, deep formed wrinkles etc. Much more in depth conditions.

Omnilux Plus, focus's on the outer cell membrane working to repair and restore, while focusing on increased cell health and function this light repairs cellular mechanisms and is essential in wound and skin healing, improving scars/ skin cancers post surgery/ texture and skin disorders as mentioned above!

In combination with Omnilux Revive, this is an intensive but non-invasive wrinkle treatment, minimizing lines, increasing hydration and working on multiple cellular layers to target and combat all skins of ageing/ photo ageing / acne / scarring and skin rehabilitation.

What can I expect to see after my treatment?

You will notice instant results with each treatment, this is a game changer in the aesthetic industry. You will notice firmer, brighter and clearer skin with a smooth complexion after just one treatment! With each session, you will notice various improvements in your skin concerns. Treatments can be performed wither alone or with another treatment and can be done as often as every 2 weeks.

Is it uncomfortable?

No. The Omnilux portion of the treatment is super relaxing, you can hear a little fan going in the machine, will feel a slight warmth as if you were laying under the sun (without the side effects of UV) this warmth increases cellular production and creates production of serotonin which is our 'happy hormone' so you will actually feel VERY relaxed, making this great for our skin it is actually also fantastic for our mental health. The light stays directly over the skin for 20 minutes and is the best down time and little power nap!